May 2, 2024

In the Community

2%: A Celebration of Black Artistry

“Each selected artwork serves as a testament to the resilience and innovation inherent in Black artistry. Despite historically seminal contributions, Black artists continue to be underrepresented within the hegemonic confines of mainstream galleries and institutional collections, though recent studies and reports suggest that there has been some progress in increasing their representation.

This exhibition challenges the prevailing narrative and expands the visibility of Black artists, acknowledging their significant contributions to the contemporary art scene. The seemingly modest numeral, “2%,” symbolizes a disheartening disparity but belies the vast expanse of artistic production emanating from Black creators. It underscores a systemic oversight within the art historical canon and contemporary exhibition practices. “2%: A Celebration of Black Artistry” seeks to rectify this oversight by showcasing the heterogeneous voices, experiences, and artistic outputs that compose the intricate mosaic of this collective cultural expression.

Participating Artists:

Britt Samuels Jr., Dorris Draffen, Eesuu Orundide, Eric Jones, Jouvon Kingsby, Kobina Wright, Kaleeka Bond, Larissa Brown, Maya Futrell, Peyton Burnett, Sharon Rene, Sola Saar

For more information, please visit our website at or contact Robin Repp at

In partnership with The G.R.E.E.N Foundation, Groundswell, OC Social Justice and OC Black Solidarity Network to reduce hate crimes and incidence in the Black/African American communities.

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